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A picture is worth a thousand words. So make your brand images count!

This particular photo of the University of Oregon has been viewed a 1,000,000 times on Google Maps. 

Taken by Eugene Photographer Shaun McGrath.


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Get a Google Street View Tour to improve your local search visibility and to engage with future customers. 

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You made a great decision in hiring a professional Eugene photographer!

I take high-quality and immersive images that you can use for your Google My Business posting, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social channels. Use them for your website, billboard, banners, flyers and promotional videos. 

Whatever your business is, high-quality photos ATTRACT AFFLUENT customers who demand unforgettable experiences and superior services.

Hotels, Bed, and Breakfast, restaurants, Spa & Salons, boutique, specialty stores, sports facilities, real estates, design contractors, auto dealerships, galleries,  schools, and churches are no exceptions. A picture means a thousand words!

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Hi, I’m Shaun McGrath, your professional Eugene Photographer.

Did you know that Google My Business is the best place to showcase your products and services. Having high-quality images that truly represent your brand can create a significant impression about your business. First impressions are so important in today’s consumers attention span.
The more images you upload to your Google My Business listing, the more likely your business will show up on the map and search.

Here is the list of image categories to optimize your GMB listing:

  • Identity – business identity is one of the critical image categories because it showcases your brand. The first category is your logo and your business cover.
  • Photos By Owner – Displays all the images that were added or listed by the business owner, these should be your best photos.
  • By Customer – This photo section displays all photos that were added by the customers.
  • 360 Images –  This is the group of images stitched together to create the 360 inside view of the business.
  • Interior Images – This category will showcase to your potential customers what you sell and do inside your store, clinic, shop, or office.
  • Exterior Images – This image category will help your potential customers recognize your store, shop, or office by adding different sections of your building exterior.
  • At Work Images – Show your customers what you do! Take pictures of your team or crew to show the different aspects of your business and the products and services your company provides.
  • Your Team – Take some team pictures to show your potential customers who are in your team. People love to see the faces of who they will be doing business.

Many business owners in Eugene are happy to call me their Eugene Photographer for their business photography needs. Call me for a free consultation at 714-369-0522



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Shaun is great to work with, top of the line equipment, customizes to the needs of his clients, and has a great eye for the profession! Thanks for the photo shoot.
Joseph Lewis

CPA, Isler CPA

Shaun has all the know how, experience and equipment to capture the best picture, I highly recommend him!!

Janell Soltrbeck

Agency Owner, Farmers Insurance

He is very knowledge and helpful.
He takes great photos.
I highly recommend him!

Mike Herborn

Owner, First Step Mortgage